Note to parent, caretaker or teacher

This book incorporates several important developmental skills. Each child will use listening skills for cues on how to move into the different positions Froga makes during the reading of this book. Get the attention of a child by pausing before reading each set of verbal cues for motor movement so the child gives you his or her listening ears. The child will develop motor skills, which will help build muscle and bone. The child will be introduced to breathing exercises, which when repeated are calming and help the child focus on their schoolwork. This book also engages one's imagination during play for self-expression. Children will be encouraged to accept themselves and others as they empathize with Froga’s attempt to imitate each creature he admires. Another activity before reading would be to use painters tape or colored chalk to outline a large lily pad like shape, as each student will be encouraged to use his or her own working space. To do this, have the children sit and extend their legs to determine their work space. Mark the flooring at four heal points, like a clock face, leave at least a foot between each child’s space. Walk around the children as you read the book so they can see the pictures, or use an overhead for the eBook. Bare feet and comfortable, not clothing too loose are recommended for the activities in this book. Repeat each exercise as many times as your class needs. The page with the swan can be used as a memory activity, see if the children can names the creatures and plants Froga encounters. Any exercise in this book can be made easier to accommodate the child. For example, the dragonfly can cross his or her legs. The last page of the story Froga lays down to rest. This page is optional if you do not have the time, but beneficial if you do. This is a stage-by-stage relaxation technique, which works on self-regulation. This exercise is especially helpful for the over stimulated child or the anxious child.  In this busy world we all need to learn the value in unwinding or relaxing from an early age. If you would like a sound track for this activity book consider using nature sounds like crickets, waterfalls or bird calls.

Froga Yoga at the Pond