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Hannah has had a career in occupational therapy, developmental therapy and the fine arts.  She has worked with people who are developmentally delayed for over 20 years. Her experience includes a variety of ages and settings, including children’s hospitals, Early Intervention, and home health care. Hannah is also certified as a children’s yoga teacher and understands the benefit of strengthening, stretching, balancing, breathing and learning to relax from an early age. After years of working with overactive, overstimulated children and their parents, she finds value in exercise that is not competitive, but instead, is calming to the central nervous system.

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Karen Steadman has practiced yoga for over 15 years and has over 200 certified hours. She is experienced at teaching yoga in senior centers, critical care homes, summer camps, Easter Seals programs, Special Needs Yoga with Reach for the Rainbow, Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and the Neurological Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario. Karen is experienced in working with all ages and abilities, and she shares the joy of movement and breath with anyone who will participate.  She also believes yoga is as much a discipline as it is fun and play, and that it brings balance to an over stimulated world.