Froga Yoga at the Pond         

About the Book

Froga is an unusual and fantastical tree frog who imitates the creatures he admires in and around his pond. The muskrat, dragonfly and bobtail cat are some of the creatures he admires and imitates. Children are encouraged to imitate Froga’s movements as he explores life at his small pond. The results help children calm themselves and have better focus. Adults may even want to join in the fun!

This book is for children 4 years old and up who are ready to explore their imagination and movement with in normal limits of development. This is a fun-filled book for children and their parents, their caretakers or their teachers. With a variety of easy exercises, its purpose is to calm a restless or anxious child and challenge a child with less ambition to move. The book focuses on listening skills, imagination, self-expression, breathing, gross motor skills and stretching. Colourful illustrations of Froga a green and blue tree frog provide interesting and easy-to-follow pictures of the exercises. 

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